We offer a range of motion controllers which enable the control of industrial machines with minimum external components. Better motion control leads to a faster cycle time and optimal machine performance. We offer application specific motion controllers with open architecture.

Metal Shear  
Metal Shear Back guage, angle & gap control are the main features required in the metal shear . A material property table gives accurate RAM control. The motion control with these features with different program storage & material tables gives accuracy & productivity.
Bending Most of the bending applications require multiaxis movements. A precise control over the motion, multi axis interpolation, feed control are the main features required in bending application. A motion program suitable for different characteristics of material , different shapes will give the highest productivity in a machine. Pipe bending, strip bending , wire bending are some of the applications.
Packaging Various function of the packaging machine can be controlled better servo technology. Accurate positioning & higher speeds are the main criteria for with productivity. In modern automation systems, older CAM driven technology is replaced with new electronic gearing or camming motions are replaced with new electronic geaing & camming technology. Motion controller gives different motion functionalities required for different processes. Machinery for Form fill seal, Blister packaging, Food packaging are some of the applications.
Profile Cutting  
Profile Cutting Profile Cutting is to cut metal sheets various shapes. Motion control can move a cutter head along the profile path. The motion required in typical profile cutting include point to point move, linear interpolation, circular interpolation etc.

Since CAD is commonly these days, we provide “CAD to Motion “ a freeware software support for conversion of a two dimensional CAD file into motion program. Plazma cutting, Flame cutting , glue dispensing , profile punching are some of the applications.
Cut to Length / Feed to Length  
Cut to Length / Feed to Length Feeding the material to a predefined length & after completing the next operation the next cycle should start. Suiting the process & to get better accuracy, most of the application use the feed to length approach. Label printing, Sheet cutting, Packaging are some of the applications.
Flying Shear / Saw  
Flying  Shear / Saw The traverse cutter is one of the +electromechanical arrangement for flying shear .The Motion controller helps to achieve line synchronization with the cutter traverse action. The synchronization zone is dependent upon time required for total cut cycle . The motion algorithm with application program or parameters gives better accuracy & productivity. Pipe cutting, strip cutting, plycutting are some of the applications.
Rotary Cutters  
Rotary Cutters Rotary cutter is one of “on the fly cutting” in case of a continuous product feed. The term “Cutting on the fly “ signifies the speed synchronization between line & cutter during cutting . We can specify the cutting zone in terms of degrees as per the cutter type & mechanism provided to get proper cutting . Motion control algorithm with the application program or parameters ensures better accuracy & productivity. Paper cutting , corrugated sheet cutting , label cutting are some of the applications.
Rotary Guillotine Shear  
Rotary Guillotine Shear This technology is normally used for the metal cutting on the fly with continuous material feed . The complex motion algorithm for the synchronized motion with cosius profile during cutting is the main feature and gives better accuracy & productivity . The cut zone profile can be changed as per the material properties & thickness. Aluminium , CR steel , Mild steel sheet cutting are some of the applications.