Special Motors
We provide technically advanced and cost effective, customised servo motors for many applications like Food, packaging, textile & many more. We also offers special execution motors for harsh environments like explosion proof & radiation resistance motors, wash down motors with IP 67 and motors for high speed applications.
Through selection by sizing & servo calculations for speed & position profile, we can optimize the choice of motor for your application.

Food Processing Equipment
Nestle – Production line for coating Ice cream bits with Chocolate In a production line for coating ice cream bits with chocolate, there are three hoppers along the line, enclosing the so-called ‘tunnels’. The hoppers are heavy, with ancillary equipment on their top. There is a lifting mechanism at each corner, servo driven in master-slave configuration, otherwise during the lifting movement the whole hopper could jam mechanically.

Product used : BF series washdown Motors.
Palletising Station  
Palletising Station Palletising station, requires the highest possible production output. The drive and servomotor combination has to deliver the necessary peak torque for the start and stop demands, as well as the required travelling speed to ensure the production output rate under different load conditions. With a faster acceleration and deceleration in each of the four starts and four stops of one cycle, the machine production rate has been optimized.

Product used : BLS series Motors.
Textile Due to our customised solution a well-known manufacturer of textile machinery was able to develop a new stretching machine which ensures a more constant and better product quality at higher output speed.
An upstream detection unit measures thickness of fiber precisely any size deviation will be immediately transferred to the stretching unit. The correction time values are typically in the range of milliseconds. The correction length values are typically in the range of several centimeters.

Product used : Pancake AC servo Motors.
CMMs : Co-ordinate measuring machines
CMMs : Co-ordinate measuring machines These are high measuring systems. These machines are equipped with high precision touch probe that needs a very smooth and constant movement of axis. Designed for ease of operation and safety ensuring optimum performance. Customer is able to achieve this with Mavilor CML series servo motor.

Product used : CML Serie Motors.
Cut - to - Lenght in an Increased Safety Environment
Cut - to - Lenght in an Increased Safety Environment Customer developed cut to length machine for cutting of a sensitive material. For the feed and cut of a sensitive material, Explosion proof ATEX servomotors used. The application requires a highly dynamic response in its intermittent double feeding mechanism, as well as a synchronisation with the vertical cutting, eccentric lever driven, nonstop rotating movement.

Product used : EExdllc Series AC servo Motors.