Motrona Control Motrona provides control products like electronic counter, tachometer, frequency meter, process indicator etc. The units are with built facilities of niche functions, dual inputs, linearization & many more. A quality component with higher input frequencies
(100 kHz, 1 MHz) is the major advantage of these products
Panel Meters and Process Indicators Motrona Panel Meters and Process Indicators are have different analogue inputs i.e .0-10V, 0-20 mA and  4-20 mA. The display offers range from 19 999 to 99 999 & it can be adjustable from zero to full scale value. It has a 14 bits resolution.

Electronic Counters Electronic Counters have impulse inputs A, B & Set / Reset input and also have a universal inputs for sensors with PNP/ NPN. The counting frequency range is up to 1 MHz. These advance electronic counters offers display with analogue output, preset & transistor output with serial RS232 / RS485 interface.

Tachometers Tachometers are suitable for display of RPM, frequency, speed and cycle rate in a range from 0 to 999999 engineering units and programmable full scale display at any input frequency. It have a max. Counting frequency 20 kHz.

Timers and Stopwatches Timers and Stopwatches are universal multi-functional unit with operation modes as timer, stopwatch, tachometer, baking time indicator and counter. It has a adjustable time resolution between 1 msec and 1 hour and easy to set up by four front keys and menu support.

SSI Indicators All SSI indicators of series IX342 - IX348 can be used for operation with extended telegram lengths from 8 to 32 Bits. The units now can handle any bit number within this range, with both, Master and Slave operation with Baud rates up to 1 MHz. As a very special advantage the customer can use the "Bit Blanking" function to split one SSI telegram into several display values and to convert the results separately to analogue or serial.

PROFIBUS and CANBUS Indicators PROFIBUS and CANBUS Indicators are used for “on site” remote display of process data from the field bus. This is a simple operator units with front thumbwheel switches for easy remote setting of process parameters via field bus.

Monitors Monitors are versatile and fast-responding units for control and monitoring of overspeed, underspeed (with start-up delay). standstill and direction of rotation. It can take impulse inputs for use with single channel-signals (A only) or quadrature signals (A, B, 2x90°) or TTL- and RS422-signals with differential format A, /A, B, /B. It is having wide operating range from 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz.

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