Motrona Motion Motrona offers application specific / dedicated motion controllers that are immediately ready to work without complex programming procedures, no risks. Motrona range of controllers can work with all kind of drives and mixtures (Low-cost, high-power, AC, DC, Servo, and Hydraulics), extremely dynamic, more accurate with speed changes at higher production speeds.
Panel Meters and Process Indicators Motion controller offered by Motrona for single axis master follower combination is low cost solution for small machines with limited budgets. These controller offers full angular and positional control with adjustable gear ratios and maximum accuracy by 300 kHz of feedback frequency at a control loop cycle of only 250 µsec. Manual and automatic facilities to adjust the phase or relative position between Master and Slave. Synchronous controllers can be easily operated by means of the front keys or the front thumbwheel switches or via PC and serial link.
Panel Meters and Process Indicators MC700 is a universal motion controller for 1 to 4 axes, programmable for multiple motion applications by simple download of the corresponding function firmware. It offers 16 digital input & 8 digital output also it is having 4 analogue input & 4 analogue outputs. Full remote control via serial link or CANBUS, with use of a PC or PLC or any of the motrona operator terminals. PROFIBUS operation possible with use of the motrona PB 251 gateway. Following are the different applications/ firmware available with motrona MC 700 controller.

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