Single programming interface that is scalable for all motion controller. Accessories are the supplementary products which can be used along with the motion controller. It includes Daughter Boards, I/O expansion Boards, Keypads, cables etc. Software tools are the range of software programs designed to work seamlessly with the motion control hardware for unparalleled system performance.

Daughter Boards
Daughter Boards The Daughter Board concept is a one of the key features which give the Motion Coordinator system enormous flexibility in its configuration. The Daughter Boards provide the interface to many types of Servo or Stepper Axes, plus a number of advanced communications options as well.
Software Tools
Software Tools Motion Perfect is designed to make setup, diagnostics, commissioning and using our range of Motion Coordinators as simple as possible. It provides the user with an easy to understand Windows based interface for rapid application development, controller configuration and monitoring of controller processes.

CAD2Motion is a program designed to allow users to translate CAD generated two dimensional motion paths into Trio BASIC programs. The program allows the user to create motion paths in a CAD package such as AutoCAD and convert them in to code executable by a Trio Motion Coordinator.

CamGen is easy to use as the most commonly used CAM shapes are pre-built, ready for you to enter the dimensions. Alternatively you can build shapes from tables of points and flexibly specify the shape in-between using curves and straight sections.

Trio Also offers following software to help you to maintain your Project Data.
DocMaker: Analyses the content of the program files in project
Project Encryptor: Unique utility that enables programmer’s intellectual property to be licensed.
Autoloader: Compact self contained package designed to allow simple distribution of projects.
MC Simulator: Simple program design to allow along side Motion perfect 2 in background.

Further information is available under applications