Board Level Motion Controller
"Board Level" motion co-ordinators are open chassis controller. PC based PCI card, Euro format card are the different forms of board level controllers .

PCI 208
PCI 208 The PCI 208 is designed for motion control applications centered around a PC. PCI208 provides up to 8 stepper axes or 8 axes with encoder feedback, or mixtures of the two. For servo drives two optional DAC mezzanine boards provide 16 bit resolution +/- 10V outputs. A DIN rail mounting break-out board eases the wiring interconnections for low volume applications. The PCI 208 has 20 opto-isolated digital 24V inputs and 10 opto-isolated outputs. Feature Enable Code facility to expand the axis as per requirement. Complex motion such as cams, gears, linked axes, and interpolation is made easy with Trio’s comprehensive BASIC command set.
Euro205x Euro205x is a Euro card stepper/servo positioner with the built-in ability to control up to 4 servo or stepper motors in any combination. It is designed to be configured and programmed for the application with Multi-tasking Trio BASIC using a PC, and then may be set to run “standalone” if an external computer is not required for the final system. The system software for the Euro205x allows up to 7 Trio BASIC programs to be run simultaneously on the controller using pre-emptive multi-tasking. Euro205x has 16 built-in opto-isolated 24V inputs and 8 opto-isolated built-in 24V output channels.
PCI 208 The Motion Coordinator Euro209 is a 3U Eurocard stepper/servo positioner with the built-in ability to control up to 8 servo or stepper motors in any combination. The Euro209 has one RS-232 port and one RS-485 built in that may be configured to run the MODBUS protocol for PLC or HMI interfacing. If the built-in CAN channel is not used for connecting I/O modules, it may optionally be used for CAN communications or as a Device Net Slave. It provides features like Linear, circular and helical interpolation. The Euro 209 has (16) 24v inputs and (8) output channels built-in.
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