Panel Mount Motion Controller
"Panel Mount" motion co-ordinator is a box type controller. It’s a form of controller & main control board is fitted in industry standard enclosure.

MC302X It has been designed to provide a compact, cost effective solution for OEM applications. The unit features two axes, the first of which can be configured in software for either servo (with encoder feedback) or stepper control. The second axis may be either a reference encoder or a stepper axis.
The MC302X is programmed using Trio BASIC which features true pre-emptive multi-tasking of up to 3 simultaneous processes each axis may run moves using linear or circular interpolation, electronic cams and gearboxes. The MC302X has (4) 24v inputs and (4) bi-directional input/output channels built-in.
MC206X MC206X Motion Coordinator is based on Trio’s high-performance 32-bit DSP technology, providing unprecedented computational speed, flexibility, and connectivity. The unit features 4 axis with additional axis for encoder feedback.MC 206X is capable of handling 7 simultaneous processes.
The MC206X has 16 opto-isolated 24V digital I/O 8 in, 8 bi-directional built-in. fast high speed hardware registration inputs are available for each axis. MC206X offers wide communications capability with 2 RS-232 serial ports, 1 RS-485 port, 1 TTL serial port, 1 USB port and 1 CAN channel as standard. Feature Enable Code facility to expand the axis as per requirement.
The Motion Coordinator MC224 is Trio's highest performance Motion Coordinator. Using a high speed 32-bit DSP processor it provides up to 24 axes of servo or stepper control. The unit's flexibility is achieved with Trio's innovative "daughter board" concept. Each axis may run moves using linear, circular or helical interpolation, electronic cams and gearboxes. I/O expansion is provided via a built-in CAN Bus interface. Further CAN networks for controlling suitable servo amplifiers are supported via the CAN daughter board. Up to 4 daughter boards can be fitted in the MC224. The Axis Expander provides additional daughter board space in blocks of 4. Up to 3 axis expanders can be used per MC224 master. MC224 and expanders must be sited next to each other left and connected using the appropriate Trio System Ribbon.
MC464 run your machine faster with this new generation Motion Coordinator based on the 64 bit MIPS processor. I/O expansion is provided via a built-in CAN Bus interface. Further fieldbus networks supporting common factory protocols are supported via the HMS Anybus® adapter module. Every axis can be programmed to move using linear, circular or helical interpolation, electronic cams and gearboxes. MC464 provides interface options for traditional servo, stepper and piezo control together with many digital interfaces for current digital servo drives. The axis expansion modules feature many options for Drive Network interfaces, analogue servo, pulse/direction, absolute or incremental feedback and accurate hardware registration.
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