Safe Automation
Specializing in solution for the safety of man, machine and the environment, we provide customer‐oriented comprehensive solutions for all industries. These include innovative products in the areas of sensors, control, monitoring systems & technology.

Automotive As market and technology leader for safe automation, Pilz is a long-standing partner of the automotive industry and its suppliers. Pilz can provide overall, individual and open solutions for all the applications in:

  • Press shop
  • Body plant
  • Paint shop
  • Final assembly
  • Transmission
  • Other application areas
Packaging Pilz has years of experience in the packaging industry, in conjunction with both machine manufacturers and machine operators. The benefits of such co-operation are highly flexible & easy to apply safety solutions. With the help of Pilz safe automation, packaging machines can become more flexible so that production can be switched to other products or packaging at short notice.
Metal forming & Tooling  
Metal forming & Tooling Presses carry a high potential risk. An accident can result in serious injuries for the operator. That's why international directives for machine safety demand the very highest safety requirements for presses, such as Category 4 in accordance with EN 954-1. Different safety-related requirements need to be considered in the plant design, depending on the type and size of a press. Pilz offers appropriate solution for safe, economical control and monitoring of Mechanical presses, Hydraulic presses, Servo presses etc.
Steel & Aluminium  
Steel & Aluminium Pilz offers appropriate solutions for safety-related monitoring of production cycles: such as rolling mills, galvanisation plants or surface treatment equipment. These complex & interlinked machinery require protection against an uncontrolled start-up, via LOTO (Lock Out - Tag Out) or a locked stop. Pilz safety solutions control & monitor all these processes to prevent subsequent downtimes.
Handling Technology  
Handling Technology. Whether it's the machine tool market, automotive plant, packaging technology or sheet metal working, Industrial robots play a very important role. The value of safe robotic solutions is continuously rising because the complete plant integration. Accurate commands mean robots are safe, more & fast production & reduced down time.
Burner Management  
Burner Management Pilz is having a dedicated solution for Burner management system which meets following standards –

  • EN 61508 SIL 3.
  • Melting furnace and boiler: EN 746-2, EN 12952-8, EN 12953-7.
  • Burner control: EN 298, EN 230, EN 50156-1.
  • Burner: EN 676, EN 267.
  • Tightness control: EN 1643.
Wind Turbines  
Wind Turbines Wind turbines must produce energy efficiently and with high availability. At the same time, the plant must have guaranteed protection against overload, to guard against any negative effects. Not only does your investment in the safety of wind turbines offer economic benefits, it is also clearly specified in international directives. Safe automation - A worthwhile investment helps you to:

  • Increase operational safety and availability.
  • Reduce accident risk during operation and during maintenance and installation work.
  • Produce energy in compliance with the relevant regulations.
  • Prevent high-profile incidents and protect your image.