The keywords Safety – Control – motion – interface, best describes Motrona business of supplying high-performance modules for industrial automation.  Motrona is distinguished from their competitors because of their  innovative development in hardware and software, modern production methods, high quality and performance together with the market experience of more than 30 years serving customers worldwide.

In the field of machine building Motrona’s own future-oriented development of hard- and software makes us a competent partner for complex applications in industrial automation and drive technology.

Motrona is a manufacturer of a unique range of electronic measuring devices, signal converters as well as process controllers and motion controllers.

Motrona Product range consists of

Safety Monitors for Speed, Direction of Rotation, Standstill and Position

With their well-proven functions motrona’s easy configurable safety relays ensure highest safety standards. Especially with the SIL3/PLe certified DS serie the increasing demands on reliability and safety in modern machines and production plants are exceeded.

Precise control and monitoring for almost all applications

motrona Displays stands for short response time, precision and outstanding technical features, accompanied with flexible configuration of the operating mode.

Outstanding dynamic with maximum accuracy and precision

motrona Motion Controllers are worldwide known for their excellence in terms of dynamics, accuracy and production speed. Extremely short control cycles provides perfect solutions, far beyond the limits of comparable controllers. All controllers are immediately ready to work: easy setup instead of sophisitcated programming.

Maximum versatility with extremely short conversion time and high frequency range.

motrona Signal Converters belong to the best worldwide. They feature maximum versatility, extremely short conversion times, high frequency range and an excellent cost-performance ratio.