Special Motor
Mavilor is having range of special execution motors. Range is from plane to extended geometry. Specially designed for food industries, harsh environment (Explosion, nuclear), and non civilian applications.

EExdllc series are for explosion/flame proof application. Wash down motors for food , Pharma and chemical applications.

BF Series  
Washdown AC Servo Motor
BF Series BF series motors are washdown duty brushless servo motors. The housings of these motors are manufactured from stainless steel with a plain cylindrical shape and IP 67 protection. The smooth outline makes them particularly well suited for applications in food, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as in other similar industrial branches.

Range : 1.28 to 4.75 Nm.
EExdllc Series  
Explosion-proof Servomotors
EExdllc Series The EExdllc series motors are explosion proof motors in Flat geometry available in AC & DC execution. These motors are axial airgap servomotors housed in an enclosure into which gas can ignited within the enclosure without the explosion damaging the enclosure or being transmitted to any flammable atmosphere external to the enclosure. These motors can incorporate options Tacho, resolver and fail safe brake.

The motors are ATEX and CE compliant Zone 1 and 21, Gas group IIC (Hydrogen).

DC servo motor AC servo motor
Range : 0.6 to 8 Nm. Range : 1.3 to 16 Nm.
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