PILZ Monitoring relays

With monitoring relays, the priority is the protection of persons and the machinery against insulation faults, residual voltages, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, temperature overload as well as monitoring standstill and true power. Significantly reduce hazardous situations for man and machine, while at the same time increasing the service life of your plant. Save costs and guarantee an efficient production cycle. All this by using monitoring relays!

These monitoring relays are multifunctional and can be applied universally, covering a wide range of applications

PMDsigma – Electronic monitoring relays

PMDsigma is the newer generation of electronic monitoring relays. They reduce the number of hazardous situations for man and machine and increase the service life of plant and machinery.


  • Rapid installation: Innovative spring-loaded terminals, chambers are operated individually
    Convenient diagnostics and parameter setting via the display: All relevant values can be set, displayed and retrieved
    Rapid assembly via spring clips: No need for tools
    Diagnostics in seconds: Via 6 LED displays – no external measuring devices required
    Safe from manipulation: Setting elements have a lockable cover
    Set values are saved on the chip card: Maximum flexibility when exchanging units
    Safe from manipulation: Setting elements have a lockable cover

PMDsrange – Electronic monitoring relays

The PMDsrange relays in 22.5 mm housing offer technical features, which guarantee that products can be perfectly tailored to your application and make commissioning easier. There are a large number of applications available to you.


  • Thermistor monitoring relays have ATEX certification
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 87 x 22.5 x 122 mm
  • Selectable measuring ranges
  • Available in all operating voltages